Gestra Drainage Module QuickEM

Gestra Drainage Module QuickEM
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Gestra Drainage Module QuickEM. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a distributor Gestra Drainage Module QuickEM. Gestra Drain Modules QuickEM are completely interconnected units for horizontal or vertical installation with or without bypass. They come with valves and steam traps, non-return valves, sightglass and shut-off valves as well as all necessary pipes, fittings, flanges, gaskets and screws. We offer Gestra drainage modules with the following types.
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Distributor Gestra Drainage Module QuickEM

Pre-assembled drainage module for quick and easy-to-use installation for heat recovery. The drainage module is suitable for removing condensed water. The Gestra drainage module QuickEM is a unit with a pipe that has been assembled, consisting of a steam trap, sightglass, check valve, stop valve, and bypass pipe. Plus all the necessary pipes, flanges, gaskets and bolts. The Gestra drainage module QuickEM Control is used for steam trap monitoring and is equipped with electrodes either in the steam trap itself or in the test room. The QuickEM assembly consists of two or three shut off valves, one BK, MK or UNA type steam trap, one sightglass, one RK wafer type non-return valve as well as pipes and all required flanges, flange gaskets and bolts.

Counterflanges with bolts and gaskets are not part of the shipment. QuickEM Control is designed for electronic condensate monitoring. Instead of a sightglass, the NRG 16 gauge electrode was installed as a sensor for electronic condensate monitoring. If the QuickEM Control assembly is equipped with steam traps of type BK 45, MK 45 and UNA 4, NRG 16 gauge electrodes, then they can be installed directly in the steam trap. If the QuickEM Control assembly is equipped with steam traps type BK 15, MK 25 una UNA 1 NRG 16 measuring electrode, then the installation process is carried out in the VKE test room. QuickEM and QuickEM Control are available for horizontal or vertical installation. Note that QuickEM Control with the UNA trap type is only available for horizontal installation! QuickEM and QuickEM Control are available with or without bypass line.


    Gestra Steam Trap Drainage Module QuickEM
    Gestra Steam Trap Drainage Module QuickEM Control

    Check Valve
    Ball Float Steam Traps
    Pressure Reducing Valve


    Preassembled steam trap module with the recommended additional valves
    Saves time on installation
    Keeps installation errors to a minimum
    Also available without bypass
    QuickEM-Control with integrated monitoring electrode
    Standardised lengths
    For horizontal or vertical installation
    Also available in stainless steel