Gestra Steam trap DK 45

Gestra Steam trap DK 45
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Gestra Steam trap DK 45. As a distributor steam trap in Indonesia, Indotama Niaga Teknik offers product from brand Gestra. Gestra Steam trap DK 45, to meet the need industrial and manufacture.
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Steam Equipment

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Distributor Gestra Steam trap DK 45

Gestra Steam trap DK 45 


Thermodynamic steam trap for discharging condensate with virtually no banking-up. With integrated non-return valve and Y-type strainer. Asbestos free body gasket (graphite). Installation in any position. 

Pressure Rating

  • Service Pressure [psig] : 580,450,365,334
  • Inlet Temperature ℉ : 68, 392, 572, 752
  • Admissible differential pressure (inlet pressure minus outlet pressure) [psig] : 464


  • Designation EN ASTM
  • Body, cap 1.0460 A 105
  • Screws 1.7225 A 193 B 7
  • Regulator Stainless steel
  • Other internals Stainless steel


Gestra Steam trap DK 45


The thermodynamic steam trap features a movable valve
disk that rests on a double seat. The condensate enters
the steam trap from below, thereby lifting the disk off its
seat. It is then deflected by 180° and flows through the
small seat orifice into the discharge line. As the temperature
of the condensate increases, upstream pressure builds up
in the space above the valve disk. When the condensate
evaporates into steam, a low-pressure area is formed under the disk due to the increased flow velocity, forcing the
disk downwards against its bearing surface and stopping
all flow. Since the pressure above the valve disk is acting
on a larger surface area, the closing force is much higher than the pressure pushing against the disk from the
inlet side. As the steam loses heat, some of it condenses,
reducing the pressure above the valve disk and hence the
closing force. As soon as the pressure on top of the disk
has dropped to a value that equals the opening pressure produced by the upstream pressure, the disk is lifted
off its seat, and the cycle repeats itself. External factors
such as heat, wind, precipitation etc. can effect the functioning and performance of the thermodynamic steam trap
considerably. However, the DK 45 is not influenced by these