Gestra Steam Trap UNA 27

Gestra Steam Trap UNA 27
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Gestra Steam Trap UNA 27. As a distributor steam trap in Indonesia, Indotama Niaga Teknik, offers product from brand Gestra with various types. The products can meet the need industrial and manufacture.
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Steam Equipment

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Distributor Gestra Steam Trap UNA 27

Gestra Steam Trap UNA 27


Ball float trap with rolling ball valve and Duplex control (thermostatic bellows for automatic air venting) for draining large condensate flowrates from steam systems. With non-return valve and drain plug. With Simplex control (without bellows) and hand vent valve for the discharge of cold condensates or distillates and for draining superheated steam, gas or compressed-air lines. Body with bolted cover. Control unit easily replaced without removing trap from the line.

Nominal Pressure : PN63,PN 56,PN 47,PN 45

Nominal Diameter : DN 25, 40, 50 mm (1", 1½", 2")

Max. Temperature : 250 C to 450 C

Materials : G20Mo5 (6522Mo4) (1.5419)

Connections : 

■ Flanges: DIN 2546 (form E) PN 63

■ Flanges ASME B 16.5 Cl. 300, 400/600

■ Socket-weld ends DIN 3239 Class 3000

■ Butt-weld ends DIN 3239  

Butt-weld ends according to DIN 3239-2-R3, edge form 22 according to DIN 2559



Gestra Steam Trap UNA 27