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We are a trusted distributor for industrial equipment in Indonesia such as valves, instrumentations, spareparts and we provide also after sales service.

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Welcome to our website. For those of you who are looking for and want to get the best prices & the latest product information for valves, you can't go wrong to surf or browse this website. Because this is a great place to find the valve you want. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a leading valve distributor has various types of valves, instrumentation, spare parts and services. Valves: ball valves, globe valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, safety valves, filter valves, check valves, control valves, blowdown valves, piston valves, pressure reducing valves, angle valves, down valves, float valves, solenoid valves, diaphragm valves, shut-off valves, steam traps, fire hydrant equipment. Instrumentation: pressure measurement, flowmeter measurement, pressure measurement, level measurement, gas analyzer and detector, gas equipment. Spare parts: burner parts, boiler parts, boiler tubes Services: Boiler cleaning & retubing, flowmeter calibration, pipe insulation, burner arrangement. With many years of experience in the industrial engineering business in Indonesia, we are very happy to provide product information and provide solutions to direct you to find the best product at the best price for any supply or demand for goods. Supported by our team who has extensive experience and knowledge, who can provide the best information and services to clients. Based on our experience with clients who want to get a quick response to every email, be it a quote or a request for a price, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best solution for every client. In every product detail, we provide a button request form that will automatically enter our email and a link to the whatsapp chat. You can choose the one which is easiest for you. Indotama Teknik has become synonymous with various industries in Indonesia. We continue to expand and expand our product offerings to meet the ever changing demands of the Indonesian market. We are confident that our website will provide you with interesting and informative insights into the products we offer. It is our hope that we will establish a good relationship with you and be able to help meet your industry's current and future needs.

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We are experienced in serving product requests from almost all industrial fields ranging from power plants, oil and gas, chemicals, food & beverages, water and wastewater to marine

To reduce emissions, increase plant safety and protect the environment, the chemical industry is required to use high quality products.
Food & Baverages
Every food and beverage industry always faces challenges in serving global market demands. Sophisticated tools & machines are a definite solution.
Oil & Gas
The Oil & Gas industry requires solutions that help make the mining and refining processes safer and more efficient. These solutions help improve the safety environment and increase.
The main challenge in the marine industry is to make ships that are good, safe, and efficient. For that we need good tools and materials.


Leading brands definitely design reliable products with all of their advantages and are the ideal choice for consumers


The function of valves and steam traps in the piping system of every industry is very important in controlling fluid flow. We provide a wide variety of valves and steam traps from leading brands based on their types and configurations


A fluid flow needs equipment that has the function of measuring, recording and analyzing. Insurementation is a simple tool of industrial control systems. We provide tools for measuring pressure, flow speed and fluid level


Every part contained in the burner and boiler must have an expiration date of use. We provide burner and boiler spare parts

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