Float Valve

The float valve is a simple mechanical liquid level controller. A float detects changes of elevation in the liquid free surface and opens or closes a valve accordingly. Large numbers of small float valves are used in domestic water systems. A float valve maintains the level in the cold water header tank which regulates the pressure of the hot water system. Distributor Float Valve Surabaya Indotama Niaga Teknik sells high quality float valve products from well-known brands that are often used by large industries. We also sell all types of valves such as ball valve, globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, strainer valve, check valve, blow down valve, piston valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, angel valve. We have stock float valves from popular brands such as Zetkama.

Zetkama Float Valve


Zetkama Float Valve functions to prevent water from overflowing in the vessel. Manufactured with high quality, environmentally friendly and grade (A) leak-proof class, Zetkama Float Valve is very suitable for your industrial needs. We have stock products of float valve ZETKAMA with the following types.


Float Valve ZETKAMA Fig. 272 - DOWNLOAD
Float Valve ZETKAMA Fig. 274 - DOWNLOAD


    High tightness (leakproofness class – A according to EN – 12266 – 1)
    No maintenance
    Flanges drilled according to EN 1092-2
    Face-to-face dimension according to 558 series 1 and series 8