RTK Control Valve

There are two types of operation of the RTK Control Valve, namely control valves that are electrically operated (2 way or 3 way) and pneumatic (2 way or 3 way). Manufactured to the highest quality ensuring exceptional reliability and durability. We have stocks product of RTK Control Valves with the following type.


RTK Control ValveMV5200  PV6200 - 
Electric series

    Control Valve RTK MV 5211
    Control Valve RTK MV 5214
    Control Valve RTK MV 5221
    Control Valve RTK MV 5224
    Control Valve RTK MV 5231
    Control Valve RTK MV 5234

Pneumatic series

    Control Valve RTK PV 6211
    Control Valve RTK PV 6214
    Control Valve RTK PV 6221
    Control Valve RTK PV 6224
    Control Valve RTK PV 6231
    Control Valve RTK PV 6234


RTK Control Valve MV5300  PV6300 - 
Electric series

    RTK Control Valve MV 5311
    RTK Control Valve MV 5314
    RTK Control Valve MV 5321
    RTK Control Valve MV 5324
    RTK Control Valve MV 5331
    RTK Control Valve MV 5334

Pneumatic series

    RTK Control Valve PV 6311
    RTK Control Valve PV 6314
    RTK Control Valve PV 6321
    RTK Control Valve PV 6324
    RTK Control Valve PV 6331
    RTK Control Valve PV 6334


RTK Control Valve MV5400  PV6400 - DOWNLOAD
Electric series

    RTK Control Valve MV 5411
    RTK Control Valve MV 5414
    RTK Control Valve MV 5421
    RTK Control Valve MV 5424
    RTK Control Valve MV 5431
    RTK Control Valve MV 5434

Pneumatic series

    RTK Control Valve PV 6411
    RTK Control Valve PV 6414
    RTK Control Valve PV 6421
    RTK Control Valve PV 6424
    RTK Control Valve PV 6431
    RTK Control Valve PV 6434



    2-way or 3-way valve
    Available either as ANSI or DIN
    Variety of Trim designs and materials
    Interchangeable, Top Entry Trim
    Optimized High Capacity Flow Path
    Interchangeable plugs and seats offer maximum versatility in flow control applications
    Broadest Range in the Industry – Offers more possibilities than any other valve family in the Industry
    Multiple Trim Options – Offering maximum versatility in flow control applications
    Wide variety of stem packings – Giving the the best stem packing for the given application
    Different Trim Materials – Providing significantly longer service life
    High Flow capacities – Promote reduced body velocity and pressure losses
    Pneumatic Actuators – Compact and robust multi spring design
    Electric Actuators – Modular design covering a wide range of actuating forces

RTK Blowdown Valve

The RTK blowdown is an air (or water) operated valve specially designed to remove solids falling to the bottom of the boiler (Blowdown bottom). It is used with the RTK blowdown timer to control bottom blowdown. We have stocks product of RTK Blowdown Valve with the following types.


    RTK Blowdown Valve HV 6291
    RTK Blowdown Valve PV 6291


HV 6291

    The bottom blowdown valve is operated by hand lever.
    The valve closes automatically if the lever is led loose.
    The valve can be blocked in open position.

PV 6291

    The air supply must not exceed 6 bar.
    The opening of blowdown valves must be effected rapidly and completely.