Zetkama Float Valve zFLO

Zetkama Float Valve zFLO
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Zetkama Float Valve zFLO. As a Zetkama distributor in Indonesia we offer various type from Zetkama Brand like float valve. Zetkama Float Valve functions to prevent water from overflowing in the vessel. Manufactured with high quality, environmentally friendly and grade (A) leak-proof class, Zetkama Float Valve is very suitable for your industrial needs. We have stock products of float valve ZETKAMA with the following types.
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Distributor Zetkama Float Valve zFLO

Zetkama float valve is a very effective solution for controlling liquid levels that do not require external energy. We offer Zetkama float valves with high quality components suitable for the various applications we have mentioned above. The main function of this valve is to prevent water from overflowing in the vessel. The water level is measured directly by a lever with a gas-filled container attached to the end. The lever controls the flow. The float valve can be installed on the tank. Zetkama float valve components are made of gray cast iron which ensures a sufficient durability and tightness to achieve optimum performance. The advantage of this product originating from Poland is that it is able to withstand a nominal pressure of 10 bar. Does not require excessive maintenance and is friendly to the environment. Its working system is particularly suitable for water and liquid related industries, household irrigation systems and agriculture. We provide Float valve from Zetkama brand with Float valve type zFLO Fig. 272, Float valve zFLO Fig. 274. Valve is designed for a pressure of 10 bar which has a diameter of 25-200mm. The available temperature ranges from -10… + 90 ° C. We are a leading valve distributor in Surabaya that sells Zetkama float valves. We have complete stock with guaranteed original goods from the Zetkama brand. Every purchase of products at our company, we will check the condition of the goods before the delivery process. This website was created so that you can easily get information about the products we sell and easily place an order. You can also ask or consult about products that suit your industrial company. If you need Zetkama Float Valve, please contact us. Entrust your industrial valve needs to us.


Float Valve ZETKAMA Fig. 272 - DOWNLOAD
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    High tightness (leakproofness class – A according to EN – 12266 – 1)
    No maintenance
    Flanges drilled according to EN 1092-2
    Face-to-face dimension according to 558 series 1 and series 8