Zetkama ZBUT FIG 494 Butterfly Valve

Zetkama ZBUT FIG 494 Butterfly Valve
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Zetkama ZBUT FIG 494 Butterfly Valve. ZETKAMA is a large manufacturer in Europe that produces butterfly valves for industrial needs in the world. In every industry, there must be a piping system ranging from simple structures to a high level of complexity. Butterfly valves are used to limit and close the flow. This type of valve is called a butterfly valve because of the way it works which is like the flapping motion of a butterfly wing.
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Butterfly Valve

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Distributor Zetkama ZBUT FIG 494 Butterfly Valve


  • Material: Grey cast iron, nodular cast iron Nominal
  • Pressure: 10, 16 bar Nominal diameter: 32-1200 mm
  • Temperature range: -60...+210°C
  • Working position: Any

SEALING Material Application Temperature range EPDM ( Ethylene propylene) Water/ sea water/ weak acids and basis/ glycol -40°C +110°C EPDM HT (EDM high temp.). Heating without steam water +80°C +130°C NBR (nitrile) Mineral oils/ vegetables oils/ greases -40°C +90°C Flucast AB/P. Abrasive powdered products -10°C +90°C Flucast AB/E. Oxygenated solvents ketones esters with abrasion -20°C +_95°C Flucast AB/N Mineral oils/ vegetables oils/ greases/ abrasives -10°C +100°C. Silicone Air and hot water without steam -60°C +200°C. Food silicone Nourishing and milky products -60°C +200°C. Steam silicone steam -60°C +140°C Viton Acids/ high temperature -15°C +210°C. Biodisel Viton Biodiesel -5°C +210°C Viton GF.

 Gasoline Oxygenate gasoline -5°C +210°C. Hypalon Water/ diluted bases -25°C +120°C. Epichlorohydrin Brine systems -40°C +125°C. Neoprene Sea water -25°C +80°C. Butyl Gas -10°C +95°C. Flucast extreme Water / steam / acids -5°C +200°C DISC. Material Standard Application Stainless steel 1.4308. Chemical products/ nourishing products Stainless steel 1.4408 Demineralized water/ chemical products/ nourishing products. Stainless steel 1.4404. Chemical and nourishing products/ sea water/ demineralized water. Aluminium En-AC-44100 Cold water/ air Bronze tin CuSn10-C Sea water Bronze-aluminium CuAl10Fe5Ni5-C. Sea water Cast steel GP240GH Water/ gas Nodular cast iron EN-GJS-400-15 5.3106 Hot water / air/ gas Nodular cast iron + EPDM EN-GJS-400-15 + EPDM 5.3106. Powdery products/ pneumatic transport/ sea water Duplex 1.4517. Chemical products Superduplex 1.4469 Sea water/ corrosive atmospheres.


Zetkama ZBUT FIG. 494