Sparepart boiler Zetkama Safety Valve

Sparepart boiler Zetkama Safety Valve
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ZETKAMA safety valve - Spring loaded safety valves do not need to be supplied with external energy and are therefore an essential element of a safety system, and their job is to protect the pressure equipment / system (boilers, tanks, pipelines, etc.) from excessive pressure above the specified limit. already set. We have stock products of safety valve ZETKAMA with the following types.
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Distributor Sparepart boiler Zetkama Safety Valve

There is no doubt that the safety valve from the Zetkama brand has a better advantage. In terms of design, characteristics and durability, Zetkama produces several types of safety valves. Zetkama safety valve does not need to be supplied with energy from outside because this valve is an important element of a safety system whose function is to protect equipment or pressure systems (boilers, tanks, pipelines, etc.) from excessive pressure that occurs. All zetkama safety valves are executed according to EN ISO 4126-1 and approved by the licensing services TÜV NORD (0045) and UDT CERT (1433). Zetkama designed this type of valve for vertical installation. When there is excessive pressure, the opening and closing process only occurs under the force exerted by the spring. Zetkama safety valve provides the zARMAK Safety valve model Fig. 570, Safety valve zARMAK Fig. 630, Safety valve zARMAK Fig. 775, Safety valve zARMAK Fig. 782, Safety valve zARMAK Fig. 240, Safety valve zARMAK Fig. 781. Valves are designed for pressures from 0.1 to 95bar having a diameter of 10-400mm. For the temperature available for Safety valve zetkama -196… + 400 ° C. Every industry with a high level of productivity is required to use a safety valve. It is suitable for a variety of industrial water heating systems, chemical, petrochemical industry, refrigeration systems, gas and industrial sewage systems. We are a leading valve distributor in Surabaya that sells safety valves Zetkama. We have complete stock with guaranteed original goods from the Zetkama brand. Every purchase of products at our company, we will check the condition of the goods before the delivery process. This website was created so that you can easily get information about the products we sell and easily place an order. You can also ask or consult about products that suit your industrial company.


ZETKAMA Safety Valve Fig. 570 - DOWNLOAD
ZETKAMA Safety Valve Fig. 630 - DOWNLOAD
ZETKAMA Safety Valve Fig. 775 - DOWNLOAD
ZETKAMA Safety Valve Fig. 782 - DOWNLOAD
ZETKAMA Safety Valve Fig. 240 - DOWNLOAD
ZETKAMA Safety Valve Fig. 781 - DOWNLOAD


    Safety valve with flanged ends,
    Safety valve with threaded ends,
    Safety valve with threaded inlet and flanged ends,
    Safety valve with ends for welding,
    Safety valve with inlet ends to weld the and flanged outlet.