On September 1, 1933, Mads Clausen created Danfoss in his parents' farmhouse in Nordborg, Denmark, and thus began our quest to Engineering Tomorrow. Since then, the company has expanded from a one-man operation to one of the world's top providers of creative and energy-saving solutions.

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Danfoss Solenoid Valves , sparepart burner Danfoss Oil Pump ,

Danfoss Solenoid Valves

Servo-operated 2/2-way Solenoid Valves Danfoss is a 2/2-way valve operated directly by servo. This valve can be operated for various applications (water, steam, oil, compressed air and gases) even in critical working conditions thanks to IP 67 protection. This valve can also be assured reliable operation. We have stocks product of Danfoss Solenoid Valves with the following types.


Danfoss Solenoid Valve EV220B 6-22 - DOWNLOAD
Danfoss Solenoid Valve EV220B 15–50 - DOWNLOAD
Danfoss Solenoid Valve EV220B 65 - 100 - DOWNLOAD
Danfoss Solenoid Valve EV221BW 10-22 - DOWNLOAD


    Water hammer damped
    New generation EPDM sealings recommended for drinking water and similar neutral media
    ECO Brass NC/NO
    Clip on coil
    Built-in filter for protection of pilot system
    Adjustable closing time available
    FKM and EPDM

sparepart burner Danfoss Oil Pump

Distributor Oil Pump - Danfoss Oil Pump is manufactured with diamond-carbon coil technology that provides exceptional toughness, durability and strength thanks to a combination of diamond and carbon lubrication. With this technology, the service life of this oil pump is 10 times longer even in critical applications. We have stocks product of Danfoss Oil Pump with the following types.


Danfoss Oil Pump BFP 10T/11T sizes 8 and 12


    10 times longer lifetime in critical applications e.g. in heavy loaded conditions
    Equipped with extra durable Diamond Coil
    Double warranty...etc