Zetkama Strainer zSTRA Fig 821

Thanks to precise design of the offered Y-type strainer, it is suitable even for critical applications, including the regular presence of corrosion or dirt. Product will locate, separate and remove any form of unwanted particle in the fluid, while not slowing down the flow. Thanks to the usage of stainless steel, grey cast and nodular cast iron it remains environmentally friendly and suitable for neutral fluids or diathermic oil.
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Strainer Valve

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Distributor Zetkama Strainer zSTRA Fig 821

Material: Grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast steel

Nominal pressure: 6, 16, 25, 40 bar

Nominal diameter: 15-400 mm

Temperature range: -20…+450°C

Working position: Any


Almost none of the fluids that pass through a pipeline are absolutely clear, free of pollution and other contaminants. Those undesired particles can cause significant damage to the entire pipeline system, forcing the facility to restrict or cease liquid flow. 

The supplied Y-type strainer is suited for critical applications, including the presence of corrosion or dirt on a regular basis, thanks to its accurate design. While not slowing down the flow, the product will detect, separate, and eliminate any undesired particles in the fluid.


Zetkama Strainer zSTRA Fig 821


screen made of stainless steel (from DN 50 with reinforced ring, from DN 150 with supporting basket)
compact settlement
cleaning of screen without disassembling
face-to-face dimension according to EN 558 series 1
flanges drilling according to EN 1092-1 for body material F
flanges drilling according to EN 1092-2 for body material A,C,D
closing tightness according to EN-12266-1