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The Zetkama strainers are an essential element of any well-designed installation. In this version it is highly recommended, because there is a magnetic insert. this product can capture the ferromagnetic particles present in the media. We have stock products of ZETKAMA strainer with the following types
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Zetkama's Strainer valve products have stronger characteristics. This type of valve is an essential element of any properly designed pipeline installation. Because of its function to filter dirt in the pipe, the existence of a strainer valve is very important. In the highly recommended version with magnetic inserts, the valve captures the ferromagnetic particles found in the media. This is necessary for trouble-free operation of the installation. Linear welded filter cartridges with various mesh sizes guarantee long-lasting and trouble-free operation. Virtually no liquid flows through a perfectly clear pipe - free of pollution and other types of contamination. These unwanted particles can cause major damage to the entire pipeline system, consequently can force the facility to restrict or stop fluid flow. That's why strainers are a mandatory part of shipbuilding, as well as technical installations of heating, steam, and even power plants. Thanks to the precision design of the Y-type filter on offer, it is suitable even for the most critical applications, including the presence of regular corrosion or dirt. The product will find, separate, and remove any unwanted particle forms in the fluid, without slowing down the flow. Thanks to the use of stainless steel, gray cast and nodular cast iron, this material remains environmentally friendly and suitable for neutral fluids or diathermic oils. Zetkama provides the zSTRA Fig. 820, Strainer Valve zSTRA Fig. 821, Strainer Valve zSTRA Fig. 823, Strainer Valve zSTRA Fig. 826, Valves are designed for pressures from 6 to 40bar having a diameter of 15-400mm. For temperatures available for valve strainers zetkama -20… + 200 ° C. Every pipe installation system in the industry must use a strainer valve. Because as we know, this valve will protect the pipe from harmful effects and keep the pipe durable, maintained, thereby reducing maintenance costs. We are a leading valve distributor in Surabaya that sells Zetkama valve strainers. We have complete stock with guaranteed original goods from the Zetkama brand. Every purchase of products at our company, we will check the condition of the goods before the delivery process. This website was created so that you can easily get information about the products we sell and easily place an order. You can also ask or consult about products that suit your industrial company. In addition to Zetkama valve strainers, we are also ball valves from other brands which are also widely used by large industries in Indonesia and even in the world. Among them:


    ZETKAMA Strainer Fig.820
    ZETKAMA Strainer Fig.821
    ZETKAMA Strainer Fig.823
    ZETKAMA Strainer Fig.826


    Screen made of stainless steel (from DN 50 with reinforced ring, from DN 150 with supporting basket)
    Compact settlement
    Cleaning of screen without disassembling
    Face-to-face dimension according to EN 558 series 1
    Flanges drilling according to EN 1092-1 for body material F
    Flanges drilling according to EN 1092-2 for body material A,C,D
    Closing tightness according to EN-12266-1