Zetkama Butterfly valve zBUT Fig 497

Zetkama Butterfly valve zBUT Fig 497
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Zetkama Butterfly Valve zBUT Fig 497. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a trusted butterfly valve in Indonesia offers the product from Zetkama brand. Please contact us to get the best price on Zetkama Butterfly Valve zBUT Fig 497.
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Distributor Zetkama Butterfly valve zBUT Fig 497

Zetkama Butterfly valve zBUT Fig 497 


Butterfly valves are provided with casted marking. The marking facilitates technical identification and contains:

  • Nominal diameterDN (mm)
  • Nominal pressurePN (bar)
  • Body and disc material marking
  • Maximum and minimum working temperature
  • Manufacture marking


The Staff assigned to assembly, operating and maintenance tasks should be qualified to carry out such jobs. If the valve is provided with mechanical actuators, operating manual of actuator should be obeyed.


Valves should be handle carefully and be kept in a closed and dry place in above the dew temperature. If butterfly valves are kept outside, they should be protected against sunlight and atmospheric factors (e.g. rain). Valves can’t be pollution or chemical endangered. During storage valve’s disc should be in partially open position. Protect against strokes, especially the one sensitive to spare parts damage (e.g. hand lever, reducer, actuators). Do not lift by spare parts sensitive for damage (hand lever).


Zetkama Butterfly valves have a throttle and shut-off function


For water systems, heating, conditioning, fire protection and gas. Working temperaturranges from -10°C up to +120°C. Zetkama butterfly valves are not suitable for steam installations. In case of specific use, contact with manufacturer for system evaluation is necessary.


Avoid to place the piping installations inclination position, twisting and displacement in axis. It can cause mechanical stress of the valve.


Grants quality warranty with assurance for proper operation of its products, providing that assembly of them is done according to the user’s manual and they are operated according to technical conditions and parameters described in ZETKAMA’s catalogue cards. Warranty period is 18 months starting from assembly date, however not longer than 24 moths from the sales date, warranty claim does not cover assembly of foreign parts and design changes done by user as well as natural wearimmediately after detection the user should inform ZETKAMA about hidden defects of the products, a claim should be prepared in written form.


Zetkama Butterfly valve zBUT Fig 497


    high tightness
    seat materials EPDM/NBR
    central disc bearing