Bottom Valve

Flush Bottom Valves are special purpose valves used in piping and vessels to drain out any product or slurry left in the pipe or vessel. These valves are most commonly used for dead space free draining or feeding of vessels and pipelines. Distributor Bottom Valve Surabaya Indotama Niaga Teknik sells high quality bottom valve products from well-known brands that are often used by large industries. We also sell all types of valves such as ball valve, globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, strainer valve, check valve, blow down valve, piston valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, angel valve. We have stock bottom valves from popular brands such as Zetkama.

Zetkama Bottom Valve


This bottom valve is designed with a special purpose which is equipped with a suction filter. It is often used in a variety of piping, tank and ship systems. Bottom valve is designed to withstand moderate pollution and regulate the level of liquid in a medium. We have stock products of bottom valve ZETKAMA with the following types


Bottom Valve ZETKAMA Fig. 935


    High tightness (leakproofness class – A acc. EN – 12266 – 1)
    Compact settlement
    Operation in any position 
    No maintenance
    Flanges drilled according to EN 1092-2