Gestra Vaposcope Steam Traps

Gestra Vaposcope Steam Traps
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Gestra Vaposcope Steam Traps. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a distributor Gestra Vaposcope Steam Traps in Indonesia. Extremely clear and simple visual function test. Sightglass with borosilicate glass for checking heat exchangers and steam traps (installation upstream of traps). Visual supervision of flow conditions in condensate lines. We have stock products of vaposcope steam traps GESTRA with the following types.
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Distributor Gestra Vaposcope Steam Traps

Unwanted banking-up of condensate leads to an inadequate exchange of heat and to water hammers that damage the material. A loss of steam costs energy and therefore constitutes a major financial loss. Moreover, both of these can adversely affect system safety. Therefore, monitoring steam traps for the banking-up of condensate and loss of steam always makes sense. Sightglasses - Gestra Vaposcopes – or monitoring electrodes are a fixed part of the equipment. VK Vaposcopes are valves or sightglasses that allow you to see flow processes in pipes. When they are installed upstream from a steam trap, you can easily see whether the steam trap is suffering a banking-up of condensate or loss of steam. Extremely clear and simple visual function test If the steam trap is functioning perfectly, the tip of the Vaposkop's deflector is immersed slightly in the water seal, which is produced in the sightglass due to the siphon effect. If a loss of steam occurs, the amount of water in the seal decreases and the tip of the deflector is no longer immersed. If condensate is banking up, the sightglass is filled completely.


    Gestra Vaposcope VK 14
    Gestra Vaposcope VK 16


    Body with straight through design and two opposing borosilicate sightglasses for improved viewing
    With mica disk as standard for higher pH values
    Valve without moving parts
    The special design of the GESTRA Vaposcope makes any loss of steam clearly visible