Yoshitake Steam Trap TD 30NA

Yoshitake Steam Trap TD 30NA
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Yoshitake Steam Trap TD 30NA. As a distributor Yoshitake in Indonesia, Indotama Niaga Teknik, offers product from brand Yoshitake with various types. The products can meet the need industrial and manufacture.
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Steam Equipment

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Distributor Yoshitake Steam Trap TD 30NA

Yoshitake Steam Trap TD 30NA


Model : TD-30NA

Nominal Size : 15 - 20 A

Application : Steam condensate

Working pressure : 0.035 - 2.0 Mpa

Allowable back pressure : 50% or less of inlet pressure

Max. Temperature : 220 C

Connection : Jis 10 K Flanged

Material Body : Ductile iron


Yoshitake Steam Trap TD 30NA


1. Bimetal eliminates air-binding and guarantees a smooth release of cold condensate or air during startup, allowing steam equipment to start up efficiently.
2. The unique heat treatment of the stainless steel valve disc and valve seat ensures long-term durability.
3. Without detaching the steam trap from the pipe, the valve disc, valve seat, and bimetal can be replaced on site.
4. Simple structure allows for easy maintenance and inspection: the valve disc is the only moving item.
5. It's small, light, and affordable. Adjustment-free and suitable for a wide working pressure range.
6. Easy to plumb and install in any direction.
7. No inappropriate operation or steam leakage due to the type of air insulation.
8. The built-in strainer eliminates the need for a strainer prior to using the device.
9. Large capacity of discharge