Yoshitake pressure reducing valve GD 29S NE

Yoshitake pressure reducing valve GD 29S NE
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Yoshitake Pressure Reducing Valve GD 29S NE. As a distributor valve in Indonesia, Indotama Niaga Teknik offers various products from Yoshitake brand. We are ready to meet the needs of spare parts valve in industry and manufacturing.
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Pressure Reducing Valve

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Distributor Yoshitake pressure reducing valve GD 29S NE

Yoshitake Pressure Reducing Valve GD 29S NE

  • Wetted parts SCS, Chlorine resistant
  • Applicable to high-pressure equipment in high-rise buildings, factories and plants.
  • Diaphragm/O ring is made of chlorinated EPDM, which is highly resistant to chlorine in tap water. Wetted parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical direction.
  • Even if the diaphragm were damaged, a closed construction would prevent external leakage.
  • Product conformity to water supply laws and standards (E-606).
Feature Inlet pressure 2.0 MPa / Wetted parts SCS / Chlorine resistant
Type Direct-acting type
Specifications Application Cold and hot water
Inlet pressure 2.0MPa
Reduced pressure 0.2 - 0.7MPa(*1)
Connection JIS 20KRF
Min. differential pressure 0.05MPa
Max. pressure reduction ratio 7:1
Max. temperature 90 degree(C)
Material Body SCS
Valve FKM
Valve Seat SCS
Diaphragm Chlorine resistant EPDM


Size L(mm) H(mm) Weight(kg) Cv value
20A(3/4) 164 170 4.4 2.3
25A(1) 164 170 5.4 3.5
32A(1 1/4) 204 224 8.7 6
40A(1 1/2) 204 224 9.0 7
50A(2) 225 239.5 11.8 11
65A(2 1/2) 225 329 21 21
80A(3) 237 345 25.5 26
100A(4) 290 412 40.5 38