Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap MK 35 31

Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap MK 35 31
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Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap MK 35 31. As a distributor Gestra steam trap in Indonesia. Indotama Niaga Teknik offers product from brand Gestra. Thermostatic Steam Trap MK 35 can meet the need industrial and manufacture.
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Distributor Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap MK 35 31

Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap MK 35 31

Class Rating : ANSI 300

Maximum Δp : 305 Psi (21 Bar)

Available SIze : 3/8" and 1/2" (DN 10 and 15)


The MK 35 steam trap is used for lower-capacity applications such as drips, tracers and light process where only saturated steam is used. The trap features a replaceable capsule with tandem seated design.


• Body and Cover – ASTM A105 (DIN 1.0460)

• Regulator – Hastelloy® and Stainless Steel

• Other Internals – Stainless Steel


Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap MK 35


• Control capsule of Hastelloy® and Stainless Steel for
superior corrosion resistance.
• Tandem seated control capsule combined with a venturi
style orifice uses a unique double valve and seat for tight
shutoff, cyclical discharge and superior dirt-handling
• Forged Steel Body and Cover.
• Standard (N) capsule discharges hot condensate at
approximately 18°F (10°C) below saturation temperature
throughout its operating range. One internal regulator for
all pressure ranges.
• Resistant to water hammer.
• Self-draining – will not freeze when installed in gravity
drainage position.
• Automatically vents air and non-condensable gases and
has a high (>3:1) cold water capacity for rapid start-up.
• Operates with zero steam loss throughout its operating
range, saving steam and money during the life of the trap.
• Can be installed in any position.
• Small profile and lightweight for ease of use and
• Internal stainless steel strainer.
• Three (3) year guarantee.