Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap MK 36 A7

Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap MK 36 A7
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As distributor gestra steam trap in indonesia. PT Indotama Niaga Teknik offer product from brand gestra, that is Gestra Steam Trap MK 36/A7, to meet the need industrial and manufactur
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Distributor Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap MK 36 A7

Gestra Steam Trap MK 36/A7

Class Rating : ANSI 300

Maximum Δp : 465 psi (32 Bar)

Available Size : 1/2",3/4" And 1" (DN 15,DN 20 and DN 25)


The ECONOline® MK 35/A7 steam trap is used for low capacity applications such as drip and tracing. The trap is attached to the universal connector by means of 2 hex head bolts and can be used on any existing connectors in your piping system.


• Cover – A351-CF8M (DIN 1.4408)

• Cover Bolts – ASTM A193-B7 (DIN 1.7225)

• Regulator – Hastelloy® and Stainless Steel

• Other Internals – Stainless Steel

• Connector – A351-CF8M (DIN 1.4408)



Gestra Steam Trap MK 36/A7


• Tandem seated control capsule combined with a venturistyle orifice uses a unique double valve and seat for tight shutoff, cyclical discharge and superior dirt-handling ability.
• Discharges hot condensate at approximately 18°F (10°C) below saturation temperature throughout its operating range. One internal regulator for all pressure ranges.
• Cyclical discharge eases audible/visual performance checking.
• Resistant to water hammer.
• Self-draining – will not freeze when installed in gravity drainage position.
• Automatically vents air and non-condensable gases and has a high (4:1) cold water capacity for rapid startup.
• Operates with zero steam loss throughout its operating range, saving steam and money during the life of the trap.
• Can be installed in any position.
• Two (2) year guarantee