Gestra Simple Cooler PK 40

Gestra Simple Cooler PK 40
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Gestra Simple Cooler PK 40. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a distributor steam equipment Gestra in Indonesia, offers products from brand Gestra. Gestra Simple Cooler PK 40 to meet the need of industrial and manufacture in Indonesia.
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Steam Equipment

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Distributor Gestra Simple Cooler PK 40

Gestra Simple Cooler PK 40

Description :

The safe operation of steam boilers the analysis of boiler water, boiler feedwater and condensate is of great importance. Accurate and true analytical findings require correct sampling methods and properly working analytical instruments.A water sample can be taken from a steam boiler, a steam regenerator, a feedwater tank or a condensate receiver tank.For example, if hot uncooled boiler water is taken from a steam boiler for analytical purposes, the risk of accidents for operating personnel will be higher and errors in the water analysis due to flashing will occur. Some of the uncooled boiler water flashes off as flash steam and, as a conse-quence, the density of the sample will appear higher and does not represent the true salt content (TDS value) of the boiler water. The increased concentration of non-volatile solids in the sample results in an incorrect water analysis and, consequently, excessive boiler blowdown. The GESTRA sample cooler PK 40 is designed to safely cool down the boiler water sample to a reference temperature of 25 °C. As a result a true sample is obtained and the TDS value, pH value and oxygen content truly corresponds to the boiler water. The PK 40 is supplied as an assembled unit ready for installation. All continuous blowdown valves BA(E)... from GESTRA are equipped with a sampling valve to which the sample cooler PK 40 can be connected 

Materials :

  • Housing and cooling coils: 1.4571
  • Needle valve: 1.4571
  • Ball valve: 1.4408 

Pressure/Temperature Ratings

  • Max. service pressure for housing: 10 bar
  • Max. service temperature for housing: 100 °C
  • Max. service pressure for cooling coils: 40 bar
  • Max. service temperature for cooling coils: 260 °C

Mechanical connection (version for laboratories)

  • Sampling IN : progressive ring fitting 12 mm
  • Sampling OUT : progressive ring fitting 12 mm
  • Cooling water IN: G ½ A
  • Cooling water OUT: G ½ A Thermometer: G ½


PK 40 (standard):

Constructed in high-alloy stainless steel 1.4571, supplied as assembled unit ready for installation and fitted with ball valve, high-pressure needle valve and water sample thermometer. The housing is completely welded, the cooling coils cannot be removed.

PK 40 (for laboratories):

Suitable for sampling applications where the sampling point and the analysis facilities are in separate rooms (e. g. in test laboratories). Design as standard version but the unit is completely assembled, interconnected and mounted on a supporting plate



Gestra Simple Cooler PK 40