Gestra Bellow Sealed Globe Valve PN 40 GAV 66AF T

As zetkama distributor in indonesia . Indotama Niaga Teknik offer product from gestra like Gestra Bellow Sealed Globe Valve PN 40 GAV 66AF T
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Distributor Gestra Bellow Sealed Globe Valve PN 40 GAV 66AF T

Gestra GAV 66AF-T Stainless Steel Bellows Sealed Globe Valve

Safety Information

Safe operation of these products can only be guaranteed if they are properly installed, commissioned, used and maintained by qualified personnel in compliance with the operating instructions. General installation and safety instructions for pipeline and plant construction, as well as the proper use of tools and safety equipment must also be complied with. 


Ensure safe access and if necessary a safe working platform (suitably guarded) before attempting to work on the product. Arrange suitable lifting gear if required


Ensure adequate lighting, particularly where detailed or intricate work is required.

Hazardous liquids or gases in the pipeline

Consider what is in the pipeline or what may have been in the pipeline at some previous time. Consider: flammable materials, substances hazardous to health, extremes of


Pressure systems

Before attempting any maintenance consider what is or may have been in the pipeline. Ensure that any pressure is isolated and safely vented to atmospheric pressure before attempting to maintain the product. Do not assume that the system is depressurised even when a pressure gauge indicates zero.

General description

A range of bellows sealed, in-line stop valves having flanged PN40 connections are available for steam, gas, liquid, condensate and water systems. The GAV 66AF-T is a completely stainless steel bellows sealed stop valve. As standard the valve is available with twin ply bellows, throttling plug, locking device, grease nipple and provision for a stroke limiter.

Pressure Temperature Limit

Gestra GAV 66AF-T (PN 40)

Nominal Pressure : 40 Bar (PN 40)

Max. Pressure :  40 bar g @ 100 °C (580.2 psi g @ 212 °F) 

Max. Temperature :  400 °C @ 27.4 bar g (752 °F @ 397.4 psi g) 

Maximum operating pressure for saturated steam service:

  • Metal seat : 32.2 bar g @ 240 °C (467 psi g @ 464 °F)
  • Soft seat : 27.0 bar g @ 230 °C (391.6 psi g @ 446 °F)

Maximum operating temperature:

  • Metal seat : 400 °C @ 27.4 bar g (752 °F @ 397.4 psi g)
  • Soft seat : 230 °C @ 27.0 bar g (446 °F @ 391.6 psi g)

Stroke limiter for throttling versions

The handwheel nut on the GAV 66AF-T has a threaded hole for the provision of a stroke limiter.

Customer to supply standard nuts and bolts as indicated in the table below:

Size                      Hexagon bolt

DN15 - DN80       M8 x 50 mm

DN100                  M12 x 75 mm

Note: The maximum permissible differential pressure in throttling function:

DN15 - DN80        2.0 bar

DN100                   1.5 bar


Gestra GAV 66AF-T Stainless Steel Bellows Sealed Globe Valve PN 40