Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap BK 212 ANSI 2500

As distributor thermostatic steam trap in indonesia , PT Indotama Niaga Teknik offer product from brand gestra that is Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap BK 212 ANSI 2500, to meet the need industrial and manufacture
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Distributor Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap BK 212 ANSI 2500

Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap BK 212 ANSI 2500

Class Rating: ANSI 2500, Sizes: ½ ", ¾ " and 1" (DN 15, 20 and 25)


The BK 212 is designed for high pressure drip applications including: steam main drip, turbine protection drain, etc. Excellent for superheated steam drip applications


  • Body and Cover – ASTM A182 F22
  • Cover Bolts – ASTM A193B7 (DIN 1.7258)
  • Bimetallic Regulator – Stainless Steels
  • Stage Nozzle and Seat Ring – Titanium
  • Other Internals – Stainless Steel

Available End Connections

  • Flanges: ANSI 2500RF
  • Socket-weld ends (Class 9000)
  • Butt-weld ends (Sch 160 or XXS)


Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap BK 212 ANSI 2500


• Forged alloy steel body with Titanium body shield to resist
flashing damage.
• Titanium alloy valve and seat.
• Pressure assisted “fail open-only” design.
• Standard factory setting discharges hot condensate in a
modulating fashion at approximately 18°F (10°C) below
saturation temperatures throughout its operating range.
• One internal bimetallic regulator for all applicable body
pressure ranges.
• Staged “control valve” style nozzle reduces wiredrawing
damage by reducing flashing. Totally unaffected by water
• Self draining – will not freeze when installed in gravity
drainage position. Can be installed in any position.
• Automatically vents air and non-condensable gases and has
a very high (>9:1) cold water capacity for rapid start-up.
• Operates with zero steam loss throughout its operating
range saving steam and money during the life of the trap.
• Easy in-line inspection and maintenance – no need to
remove the trap from the piping to clean or replace the
• Valve and seat are a single, modular replacement part.
• Internal stainless steel strainer.
• Integral check valve design.
• Two (2) year guarantee