Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap BK 15 ANSI 300

As distributor Thermostatic Steam Trap in indonesia , PT Indotama Niaga Teknik offer product from brand Gestra that is Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap BK 15 ANSI 300 (DN 40 and 50), to meet the need industrial and manufacture
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Distributor Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap BK 15 ANSI 300

Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap BK 15 ANSI 300

Class Rating: ANSI 300, Available Sizes: 1½ " and 2" (DN 40 and 50)


The BK 15 steam trap is used for medium capacity applications such as heat exchangers, large air preheaters, tank heaters, etc. The stainless steel bimetallic plates and the staged nozzle assure long-lasting service and zero steam loss operation even under superheat conditions and waterhammer conditions.


  • Body and Cover – ASTM A105 (DIN 1.0460)
  • Cover Bolts – ASTM A193B7 (DIN 1.7258)
  • Bimetallic Regulator – Stainless Steels
  • Other Internals – Stainless Steel

Available End Connections

  • Flanges: ANSI 150 or 300 (DIN PN 40)
  • Screwed sockets: BSP or NPT (API)
  • Socket-weld ends Butt-weld ends


Gestra Thermostatic Steam Trap BK 15 ANSI 300


• Forged carbon steel body.
• Pressure assisted fail open design.
• Modulating bimetallic regulator with fatigue-free stainless
steel plates. No adjustment required.
• In-line adjustment available for characterization to process
conditions and effects of back pressure.
• Discharges hot condensate at approximately 18°F (10°C)
below saturation temperature throughout its operating
range. One internal regulator for all pressure ranges.
• Operation is unaffected by water hammer or superheat.
• Self draining – will not freeze when installed in gravity
drainage position.
• Automatically vents non-condensables and has a high
(>3:1) cold water capacity for rapid start-up.
• Operates with zero steam loss throughout its operating
range saving steam and money during the life of the trap.
• Easy in-line inspection and maintenance – no need to
remove the trap from the piping to replace the internals.
• Can be installed in any position.
• Internal stainless steel strainer.
• Integral check valve design.
• Two (2) year guarantee