Honneywell Gas Pressure Regulator MK2 DN 50 PN 16

As distributor gas pressure regulator in indonesia , PT Indotama Niaga Teknik offer product from brand honeywell namely Honneywell Gas Pressure Regulator MK2 ,to meet the need industrial and manufacture
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Distributor Honneywell Gas Pressure Regulator MK2 DN 50 PN 16

Honneywell Gas Pressure Regulator MK2 DN 50 PN 16

  • The HON 270 MK2 regulator is a direct acting, single diaphragm, spring loaded open, lever operated regulator for use on gas pressure reduction systems.
  • Control of varying inlet pressure and capacity applications is ensured by utilising a range of interchangeable orifices of varying size.
  • Use with confidence on natural and manufactured gases of non-aggressive nature, including Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Propane and Butane.

Size Range

1.1/2" and 2"                Screwed BS21 Rc & Rp

DN 50                            Flanged to PN16:

                                           -BS EN 1092-2:1997

                                           -ASA Class 150


Maximum Inlet Pressure (dependent upon orifice size fitted) : Up to 10.3 bar g (150psig) 

Outlet Pressure Range:

  • HON 270 MK2 : 10 to 350 mbar g (4" to 140" wg) 
  • HON 270H MK2 : 320 to 500 mbar (128" to 200" wg) 

Maximum Incidental Outlet Pressure : 700 mbar g (280" wg) 

Minimum Differential Pressure : Typically 35 mbar (14" wg) 

Internal Relief Valve Setting:

  • HON 270 : 20 mbar g (8" wg) 
  • HON 270H : 80 mbar g (32" wg) 

Temperature Range : -20°C to +60°C


Honneywell Gas Pressure Regulator MK2 DN 50 PN 16


• Completely independent operation of regulator and safety cut-off valve.
• Diaphragm casing can be rotated through 360º at intervals of 45º to assist servicing and installation in
confined spaces.
• Both regulator casing/valve head and safety cut-off valve can be removed from the body as cartridges,
ensuring straightforward maintenance without removing the body from the pipeline.
• Wide operational pressure range.
• Internally or Externally impulsed (ICL/ECL).