Dungs Pressure Regulators

Dungs Pressure Regulators
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These pressure regulators are designed for gas burners and gas equipment. It has an adjustable setpoint spring which can be exchanged for different ranges. We have stocks product of Pressure Regulator Dungs with the following types.
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Gas Equipment

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Dungs as a manufacturer also manufactures and manufactures innovative solution systems for the gas and heat industry. One product that is often used in industry is a pressure regulator. This pressure regulator is designed for burners and gas equipment. A pressure regulator is a valve that automatically cuts off the flow of a liquid or gas at a certain pressure. Regulators are used to allow high pressure liquids or gases to be reduced to safe pressures for a variety of applications. Gas pressure regulators are used to regulate gas pressure, but are not suitable for measuring flow rates. There are various types and models of pressure regulators made by Dungs. We have pressure regulator products FRG Series, FRI Series, FRM Series, FRNG Series, FRS Series, FRSBV Series, FRU Series, SAV Series. We are the leading distributor of pressure regulators in Surabaya. We have complete stock with guaranteed authentic goods from the Dungs brand. Every purchase of a product at our company, we will check the condition of the goods before the delivery process. Apart from pressure regulators, we also sell other Dungs products.


    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRG -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRI -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRM DN 25 – DN 50 -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRM DN 65 – DN 80 -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRM-NOC -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRNG  -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRS -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRS -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRS -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRSBV -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRSBV -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator FRU -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator SAV DN 25 - DN 50 -  
    Dungs Pressure Regulator SAV DN 65 - DN 80 -  


    Inlet pressures up to 25 bar (2 500 kPa)
    High flow rate
    Stable, accurate and sensitive regulation of the outlet pressure
    Admission pressure compensation diaphragm for a high regulation accuracy
    External impulse
    Flange connection according to DN 25 - DN 50
    CSA Certified
    European Community
    UL Unlisted Component
    Commonwealth of Massachsetts Approved Product
    US, Canadian and EU Models
    DUNGS is an ISO 9001 manufacturing facility