Dungs Gas Filter

Dungs Gas Filter
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Dungs Gas Filter. These gas and air filters GF have a high dust storage capacity and are designed for protecting downstream fittings. We have stocks product of gas filter Dungs with the following types.
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Dungs Gas Filter

As a manufacturer of gas safety system manufacturers, Dungs designs gas filters for installation in gas lines and high pressure air to protect downstream equipment. The gas filter is made of aluminum with an NBR seal. Inside there is a filter made of Polypropylene and metal as a support frame with a pore width of ≤ 50 μm (Micron). Dust, rust and accompanying material physical gases and dirt are retained using a nonwoven cloth. If the dust capacity exceeds the limit or there is an excessive pressure difference, the filter loses its protective function.

We have a Dungs gas filter product based on the connection, namely threaded version (GF/1) & Flanged version (GF/3, GF/4). The nominal diameter for the threaded version is Rp. ½ - Rp. 2 (ISO 7/1) and the flanged version DN 40 - DN 200 (DIN EN 1092-1). The maximum operating pressure is 1-6 bar. Maximum flow velocity ≤ 20 m/s. For temperatures ranging from -15 ° C - +80 ° C. For any installation position preferred with a vertical cap. We are a gas filter distributor in Surabaya that sells Dungs gas filters. We have complete stock with guaranteed authentic goods from the Dungs brand. Every purchase of a product at our company, we will check the condition of the goods before the delivery process. Apart from Dungs gas filters, we also sell gas safety system products from other leading manufacturers.


    Gas and air filter Dungs GF/1: Rp ½ – Rp 2
    Gas and air filter Dungs GF/3: DN 25 – DN 40, DN 125 – DN 200
    Gas and air filter Dungs GF/4: DN 50 – DN 100


    Filter for interior gas lines, acc. DIN 3386 (max 5 bar) with high dust storage capacity.
    Type GF/1, GF/3, GF/4 gas and air filter for protecting downstream fittings. 
    Filter suitable for gases of families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous media.