Honeywell Gas Pressure Regulator

Honeywell Gas Pressure Regulator
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Distributor Gas Pressure Regulator - Jual Gas Pressure Regulator . Honeywell 370 Gas Pressure Regulator serves to stabilize the outlet pressure independently of any changes in inlet pressure and flow rate in the control line. HON 370 consists of several assembly diaphragms, one of which is an SSV control element which stops the gas flow if the outlet pressure exceeds a predetermined limit. We have stocks product of Gas Pressure Regulator Honeywell with the following types.
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Distributor Honeywell Gas Pressure Regulator

The purpose of the direct-acting gas pressure regulator HON 370 is to substantially stabilise the outlet pressure independently of any inlet-pressure and flow-rate changes in the regulating line. The device consists of a diaphragm assembly (1), final control element (2), SSV control element (3) with tripping device (4) and actuator (5) and the main valve body (6). The control element of the diaphragm assembly is equipped with a balancing diaphragm (7). The diaphragm assemblies RE 1, RE 2 and RE 3 may be optionally equipped with a safety relief valve (9). The outlet pressure to be controlled is fed to the measuring unit via measuring line. The measuring unit compares the actual value with the setpoint defined by the force of the setpoint spring (10). If a deviation is detected, the valve stem (11) will adjust the control element (2) in order to match the actual value to the setpoint again. If the flow rate is zero, the device will seal bubble-tight. The safety diaphragm (52) seals the spring housing in case of unexpected gas leakage. A metal foam cylinder (12) may be inserted into the control element to reduce noise. If the outlet pressure exceeds the predefined limits, the upstream safety shut-off valve (SSV) will stop the gas flow. In order to release the SSV due to high or low pressure, the pressure to be monitored is guided via measuring line under the diaphragm (20). If this pressure exceeds the value of any setpoint the tripping mechanism is shifted in such a way that the balls (21) release the valve stem (22). The spring-loaded switch stem will flip against the bush of the tripping device (4), thus unblocking the shaft (23) of the SSV control element (3) so that the SSV closes. Now the SSV may be opened only by hand. To accomplish that the outlet pressure at the measuring point must be reduced below the overpressure release / increased above the underpressure release by a value that must correspond at least to the re-engage differential (p).


Honeywell Gas Pressure Regulator type HON 370
Honeywell Gas Pressure Regulator type HON 270 MK2


    Version with integral overpressure protection (IS)
    Fail open (FO) error type
    Gas pressure regulator with incorporated axial safety shut-off valve (SSV) – optional designs with safety relief valve (SRV) for the relief of leakage gases or with safety diaphragm
    Large inlet pressure range
    Optional installation of different valve seat diameters is possible
    Easy to maintain, thanks to interchangeable functional units (plug-in modules)
    SSV optionally available in function class A or B
    Pressure equalisation valve (internal bypass) integrated in the SSV actuator