Seitron Gas Analyzer Chemist 100

Seitron Gas Analyzer Chemist 100
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Distributor Seitron - Seitron Gas Analyzer Chemist 100 Be Green is manufactured with the utmost care for the environment. The "Be Green" analyzer comes without a printer, to reduce paper usage. All analyzes carried out by Chemist 100 can be accessed with a smartphone. Equipped with a Bluetooth® module, which allows long-distance communication
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Distributor Seitron Gas Analyzer Chemist 100

The instrument makes use of pre-calibrated gas sensors for the measurement of Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Oxide (NO). The sensors do not need particular maintenance yet they have to be replaced periodically when exhausted. If sensors of toxic gases are submitted to concentrations higher than 50% of their measurement range for more than 10 minutes continuously, they can show up to ±2% drift as well as a longer time to return to zero. In this case, before turning off the analyzer, it is advisable to wait for the measured value be lower than 20ppm by in taking clean air. Anyway, the instrument is intended to have a cleaning cycle of the pneumatic circuit, which duration depends on what has been set in the menu Configuration→Analysis→Autozero. Once exhausted, the cells must be replaced by the Seitron assistance center. According to national standards and fundamental for users complying with ISO 9000, it is advised to send the instrument at a certified Seitron laboratory to be calibrated. Seitron certifies the accuracy of the measurements only upon a calibration certificate issued by its laboratory or other approved laboratory. The CHEMIST 100 BE GREEN analyzer is internally equipped with a Bluetooth® module, which allows the communication with a remote Bluetooth® printer. The maximum transmission range in open field is 100 meters (Class 1 Bluetooth® module), provided that also the communication companion is equipped with a Class1 Bluetooth® interface. Chemist 100 calculates the efficiency of condensing boiler, the CO level in ambient, and it measures CO2, NO (on 3 sensors version), heat stack loss and air excess. Draught measurement and tightness test are optional. The slogan “Be Green” highlights Seitron commitment to the environment. Our “Be Green” analyzers come without printer, in order to reduce the use of paper. All the analysis performed by Chemist 100 can be acquired with a smartphone. Chemist 100 Be Green can be equipped with 2 or 3 sensors (O2, CO, NO) and is available in 6 different kits.


Seitron Gas Analyzer Chemist 100 Be Green


    CO measurement cell 1 ppm resolution
    Gas sensorsPrecalibrated and field replaceable gas cells
    Temperature measurement Flue gas, room and outdoor air temperature
    Other measurementGage and Pressure Differential
    Calculated values CO2, boiler efficiency (including condensing), stack losses
    Memory 5 complete analysis
    Batteries Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
    Autonomy 10 hrs.
    Bluetooth Class 1 (up to 100 m)
    Self diagnosticSelf diagnostic function with sensors status
    Fuels 15 pre-programmed
    HolsterRubber protection holster
    Dimensions 70x60x170 mm
    Peso 0,35 Kg
    Compliant withEN 50379-1, EN 50379-2 and UNI 10389-1