Italpump Gas Filters

Italpump Gas Filters
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Italpump Gas Filters serves to prevent the passage of dust or dirt particles carried by the gas, protect regulatory devices and for safety. This gas filter has a large filtering component, can be removed for inspection and can be washed/cleaned. We have stocks product of Italpump Gas Filters with the following types.
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Gas filter serie IF prevents the passage of a particles of dust or debris brought by the gas, protecting the regulation and safety device. Gas filter serie IF have a large filtering component made of synthetical washable material which is fully removable for complete inspection and cleaning. Special O-Ring sealings, resistant to third gas family, make easy removal. Gas pressure regulator device adjustable screw and built in filter.


Gas Filter Italpump type IF
Gas Filter Italpump type IFR0
Gas Filter Italpump type IFR1-2
Gas Filter Italpump type IFR3-5


   EC certified according to EN 126
    In conformity with the 2009/142/EC Directive (Gas Directive)
    In conformity with the 97/23/EC Directive (PED Directive)
    In conformity with the 94/9/EC Directive (ATEX Directive)