Italpump Solenoid Valves

Italpump Solenoid Valves
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Italpump Solenoid Valves is a valve that is controlled by an AC or DC electric current through the coil. The principle of function of this solenoid valve is very simple and very safe. Equipped with adjustable flow regulator and slow opening kit.
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Gas Equipment

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Distributor Italpump Solenoid Valves

Gas automatic normally closed solenoid valves serie IE open when the coil is energized and close when there is no tension. These solenoid valves are controlled by pressure switch, thermostat, etc. It are equipped with a flow regulator and adjustable slow opening kit. During normal conditions there is no electric absorption, no wear and tear.


Solenoid Valve Italpump type IE
Solenoid Valve Italpump type IEL1-3-6
Solenoid Valve Italpump type IEL03
Solenoid Valve Italpump type IENA


    EC certifi ed according to EN 161
    In conformity with the 2009/142/EC Directive (Gas Directive)
    In conformity with the 94/9/EC Directive (ATEX Directive)
    In conformity with the 2004/108/EC Directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
    In conformity with the 2006/95/EC Directive (Low Voltage)
    6 bar versions in conformity with the 97/23/EC Directive (PED Directive)