Distributor Seitron - Seitron SpA didirikan pada tahun 1981 dan merupakan perusahaan elektronik, ISO 9001, yang merancang, mengembangkan, memproduksi, dan menjual produk di 3 bidang,Termoregulasi,Deteksi kebocoran gas,Analisis pembakaran dan emisi

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Seitron Gas Detectors Gas Analyzer and Detector , Seitron Gas Analyzer Chemist 100 ,

Seitron Gas Detectors Gas Analyzer and Detector

Detektor Gas Seitron berfungsi untuk mendeteksi kebocoran gas dengan standar protokol komunikasi MODBUS®RTU. Seperti yang kita ketahui Modbus® telah menjadi protokol standar yang biasa digunakan untuk menghubungkan peralatan elektronik industri. Detektor gas juga dapat mendeteksi uap LPG, CNG, Karbon Monoksida (CO), dan bensin.


Gas Detector industrial control unit 2-8 zones type RYM02M 
Gas Detector industrial control 32 channels RYK01M
Gas Detector control unit system 4 zones up to 256 inputs type RYB01M


   Power supply 230V ~ / 12Vdc
    MASTER device with RS485 serial communication according to the MODBUS® protocol.
    Manages up to 32 Concentrators (SLAVE devices - ACIM01).
    Wide freedom of parameter configuration.
    Storage of the conditions of the last alarm.
    Equipped with 5 outputs with voltage free exchange contacts (4 alarm relays +1 auxiliary relay).
    2 x 16 character backlit LCD display.
    9 module DIN rail mounting.
    Complies with the performance standard EN60079-29-1.
    It manages transmitters for CO, LPG, Methane (CH4) and Vapors
    gasoline (n-octane).

Seitron Gas Analyzer Chemist 100

Distributor Seitron - Seitron Gas Analyzer Chemist 100 Be Green is manufactured with the utmost care for the environment. The "Be Green" analyzer comes without a printer, to reduce paper usage. All analyzes carried out by Chemist 100 can be accessed with a smartphone. Equipped with a Bluetooth® module, which allows long-distance communication


Seitron Gas Analyzer Chemist 100 Be Green


    CO measurement cell 1 ppm resolution
    Gas sensorsPrecalibrated and field replaceable gas cells
    Temperature measurement Flue gas, room and outdoor air temperature
    Other measurementGage and Pressure Differential
    Calculated values CO2, boiler efficiency (including condensing), stack losses
    Memory 5 complete analysis
    Batteries Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
    Autonomy 10 hrs.
    Bluetooth Class 1 (up to 100 m)
    Self diagnosticSelf diagnostic function with sensors status
    Fuels 15 pre-programmed
    HolsterRubber protection holster
    Dimensions 70x60x170 mm
    Peso 0,35 Kg
    Compliant withEN 50379-1, EN 50379-2 and UNI 10389-1