Seitron Gas Detectors Gas Analyzer and Detector

Seitron Gas Detectors Gas Analyzer and Detector
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Detektor Gas Seitron berfungsi untuk mendeteksi kebocoran gas dengan standar protokol komunikasi MODBUS®RTU. Seperti yang kita ketahui Modbus® telah menjadi protokol standar yang biasa digunakan untuk menghubungkan peralatan elektronik industri. Detektor gas juga dapat mendeteksi uap LPG, CNG, Karbon Monoksida (CO), dan bensin.
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Distributor Seitron Gas Detectors Gas Analyzer and Detector

Industrial gas detection control unit in 9-module DIN container, capable of monitoring the concentration of gas up to a maximum of 8 zones. A 4 .. 20 mA transmitter can be connected indiscriminately for each zone for the detection of LPG, CNG, Carbon Monoxide (CO) or petrol vapors. Central Unit for gas detection system in apartment buildings. The unit, which interfaces with the ACIM01 concentrator modules via Modbus® is able to acquire the status of n. output relay contacts of domestic gas detectors. Microcontroller circuit and backlit LCD display 16x2 characters. DIN rail mounting 8 modules. It allows to control up to 32 concentrators type ACIM01. 4 + 1 output relays with “column” management. Installer parameter management protected by password. This device is a “MASTER” control unit for detecting gas leaks with MODBUS® RTU communication protocol. Up to 32 transmitters (slaves) can be connected to the control unit. Each transmitter is able to detect a specific gas and can communicate its status via the appropriate MODBUS® registers.


Gas Detector industrial control unit 2-8 zones type RYM02M 
Gas Detector industrial control 32 channels RYK01M
Gas Detector control unit system 4 zones up to 256 inputs type RYB01M


   Power supply 230V ~ / 12Vdc
    MASTER device with RS485 serial communication according to the MODBUS® protocol.
    Manages up to 32 Concentrators (SLAVE devices - ACIM01).
    Wide freedom of parameter configuration.
    Storage of the conditions of the last alarm.
    Equipped with 5 outputs with voltage free exchange contacts (4 alarm relays +1 auxiliary relay).
    2 x 16 character backlit LCD display.
    9 module DIN rail mounting.
    Complies with the performance standard EN60079-29-1.
    It manages transmitters for CO, LPG, Methane (CH4) and Vapors
    gasoline (n-octane).