Dungs Solenoid Valve

Dungs Solenoid Valve
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Dungs Solenoid Valve is most widely used in industry for stopping, releasing, distributing or mixing fluids. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a distributor of Dungs products with various types. We have stock products of Solenoid Valve Dungs with the following types.
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Solenoid Valve

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Dungs Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valve are most widely used in industry for stopping, releasing, distributing or mixing fluids. We have stocks product of Solenoid Valve Dungs with the following types. his solenoid valve is the control element most often used in fluid systems. The main job of a solenoid valve is to stop, release, distribute or mix fluids. Dungs designed this type of valve which is controlled by an electric current through a solenoid.

Here, Dungs as a leading solenoid valve manufacturer or manufacturer produces many types and types depending on the type and use. Based on the model, the solenoid valve is divided into two parts, namely, one stage and two stage. Solenoid valves are widely used in many applications. Solenoid valve offers fast and safe switching, high reliability, long service life, good media compatibility of the materials used, low control power and a compact design.


Dungs Solenoid Valve ATEX - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve Biogas - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve GSV - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve HPSV - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve HSAV, HSAV5 - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve LGV5 - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve LV-D - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve LV-D4, LV-D5 - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve MV 10 - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve MV 502 - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve MV4, MVD, MVD5, MVDLE5 DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve MVD6 - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve SV Safety DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve SV604 - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve SV614 - DOWNLOAD
Dungs Solenoid Valve ZRLE5, ZRDLE5 - DOWNLOAD


    Max. operating pressure 200 mbar (20 kPa)
    Closed when de-energised
    GSV: fast opening
    GSV-LE: slow opening (LE) with adjustable fast stroke for start gas volume
    GSV-DLE: Main volume (D) adjustable, slow opening
    DC solenoid, rectifier circuit in the line socket
    Pipe thread as per ISO 7/1: Rp ? - Rp 2
    suitable for high switching cycle numbers up to Rp 1
    Reliable function, rugged and maintenance-free
    Gas equipment safety and functional safety
    Electrical safety
    Electromagnetic compatibility (interference immunity)
    Resistance to biogases and flue gases of biogases
    Technical tightness
    Without current closed
    Main flow adjustable
    DC solenoid, rectifier wiring in connector box with connecting cable 5 m
    Flange connection acc. to DIN 26 33, ISO 7005