Gate Valve Asahi

Gate Valve Asahi
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Gate Valve Asahi is custom made from high impact PVC and there is no metal contact with the media. The disc from inside the valve is tapered. Gate valve, commonly applied in the media of water, food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a trusted distributor gate valve in Indonesia offers product from Asahi brand with various types.
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Distributor Gate Valve Asahi

Asahi is a manufacturing company that pioneered the thermoplastic valve market in the world, at a time when there was no viable alternative to metal for piping systems. What makes Asahi special is the ability to provide solutions for corrosive or high-purity fluid handling systems that are customized to suit nearly any customer need. Gate valve is the most widely used ON / OFF valve for large diameter full port applications. When the valve is fully open, it allows direct flow to flow through an opening equal to the inner diameter of the connecting pipe. This is why there is a slight pressure drop through the Asahi gate valve.

The valve operates when the handweel moves the cylindrical disc, the gate valve up and down at a right angle to the fluid flow. Traditionally, gate valves are used only for ON / OFF service. Asahi gate valves are designed using HI-PVC material, sizes ranging in nominal 40mm to 350mm and pressure class 150 ANSI. All Asahi gate valves are made of high impact PVC and have no metal contact with the media. PVC cylinder plug design must comply with ASTM D1784 Classification Cell 12454-A, and PP to ASTM D4101 Cell Classification Specification Sample PP0210B67272. Valves must have a pressure rating of 150psi at 70ºF for 1-1 / 2 "to 8" sizes, 110psi at 70ºF at 10 "and 75psi at 70ºF for 12" and 14 "sizes.

We are a leading valve distributor in Surabaya that sells Asahi gate valves. We have complete stock with guaranteed authentic goods from the Asahi brand. Every purchase of a product at our company, we will check the condition of the goods before the delivery process. We also have gate valves from other brands which are also widely used by large industries in Indonesia and even in the world.


Gate Valve Asahi TYPE-S (Soft Seal) OUTSIDE SCREW ROUND HANDLE [1 1/2-8inch] 40-200mm - DOWNLOAD
Gate Valve Asahi TYPE-S (Soft Seal) CAP [2 1/2-8inch] 65-200mm - DOWNLOAD
Gate Valve Asahi TYPE 66 (Soft Seal) CAP [1 1/4-6inch] 32-150mm - DOWNLOAD
Gate Valve Asahi TYPE-P (PLUG) CAP [1 1/4-14inch] 32-350mm - DOWNLOAD
Gate Valve Asahi TYPE-P (PLUG) ROUND HANDLE [1 1/4-14inch] 32-350mm - DOWNLOAD
Gate Valve Asahi TYPE-S (Soft Seal) ROUND HANDLE [2-8inch] 50-200mm - DOWNLOAD


    Straight-through flow with minimal pressure drop.
    Unique sliding cylindrical plug design provides larger seating area than conventional gate valves.
    Made of durable, corrosion resistant plastic. ...