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Asahi Ball Valves is a type of manual ON / OFF valve whose flow controller is round like a ball.
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Asahi Ball Valves is a type of manual ON / OFF valve whose flow controller is round like a ball. Asahi Ball Valves are made of thermoplastic materials, which are very suitable for applications in the food / beverage, water, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We have stocks product of Asahi Ball Valves with the following types. This valve works as an ON / OFF or modulation function. The name ball valve comes from a valve which is controlled with a ball inside to control the flow which is located inside the valve body. A hole in the center of the ball along one axis connects the inlet and outlet ports of the body. the ball itself is held in place by the PTFE mount and rotates 90° inside. Asahi Ball valve body is designed using PVC / CPVC / PP / PVDF material, and seal material using EPDM / FKM. It is not recommended to be connected to metal or steel. there are many variants of the Asahi ball valve types. starting from Asahi Ball Valve Type 21 Asahi Ball Valve Type 23 Asahi Ball Valve Lab Cock Asahi Ball Valve Water BV ... We are a leading valve distributor in Surabaya that sells Asahi ball valves. We have complete stock with guaranteed original goods from the Asahi brand. Every purchase of a product at our company, we will check the condition of the goods before the delivery process. Apart from Asahi ball valves, we are also ball valves from other brands which are also widely used by large industries in Indonesia and even in the world. This website was created so that you can easily get information about the products we sell and easily place an order. You can also ask or consult about products that suit your industrial company. If you need Asahi Ball Valve, please contact us. Valve type: globe valve, gate valve, check valve, control valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, strainer valve, check valve, blowdown valve, piston valve, plug valve, prv valve, angel valve, bottom valve, float valve, shut off valve, selenoid valve and diaphragm valve. Brand: klinger, duyar, ifm, gestra, hora, yoshitake, siemic, kitz, zetkama, figurine, adca, cranes, gala, glt, socla, vag, ritag, vetec, muller, alborg, alco, alcon, alfa laval, alkon , ari armaturen, armstrong, ingersoll, asahi, asco, ascon, aventics, bestobell, reuther, bosch rexroth, brevini, bucher, buck, bueno, carraro, bonetti, dezurik, ebro, festo, fisher, flowrox, flowserve, gemu, ksb , kubota, maxon, meca-inox, metal work, metso, mico, neway, oilgear, rotork, rtk, samson, miyawqi, spirax sarco, swagelok, tlv, tomoe, fortex, xomox, yokogawa, john crane, pennant, varimex, steam equipment, universal, aloyco, durco, edward, flowseal, ladish, vogt, walworth, wocester, mcdonald, balloon, bonney forge, cameron, kingston, flow-tek, herion, hoke, hsi, hygrade, ifc, jamesbury, keystone, kunkle, neles, newco, powell, spears, dembla, consuss, eagle, fine tech yamatake, econosto, eriks, forbes marshall, vatac, vtv, banico, parker hanifin, parker lucifer. Send a Asahi ball valve product request immediately by clicking the request form or whatsapp below. Get the best offers & prices from us.


Asahi Ball Valve Type 21 - DOWNLOAD
Asahi Ball Valve Type 27 - DOWNLOAD
Asahi Ball Valve Type 23 - DOWNLOAD
Asahi Ball Valve Type 23H - DOWNLOAD
Asahi Ball Valve Lab Cock - DOWNLOAD
Asahi Ball Valve Water BV - DOWNLOAD


    New Design
    Full Bore Design
    PTFE Seat
    Simple Installation on Panel Piping
    Multi Functional Handle
    Most suitable valve for water
    Easy to Be Automated(No Modification Required)
    Compact and Economic
    Reversible Flow Direction
    Newly Equipped ISO Mounting Flange
    Interchangeable with Ball Valve Type21
    Other Special Features
    Model Horizontal
    The LAB COCK is a compact, light weight plastic valve which is highly corrosion-resistant, in durable