Klinger Ball Valve

Klinger Ball Valve
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Klinger Ball Valve is manufactured with high quality and reliability, long service life and easy maintenance. This product from a trusted valve manufacturing company worldwide that is Klinger brand. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a trusted distributor ball valve in Indonesia offers ball valve from Klinger brand.
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Distributor Klinger Ball Valve

Klinger ball valves meet even the most demanding specifications. They are used in a wide range of industries. At Klinger, your ball valve manufacturer of choice, we focus on the highest quality levels, reduced maintenance requirements and global service. Last but not least, our fully automated production of ball valves with up to DN 1000 makes us stand out even further among the competition. 2-piece body, flanged ball valve optimized for the process industry. 

Due to the 2-piece body construction design the risk of an external leakage is reduced, because there is just one sealing area between body and flanged end piece. A whole ball valve range produced according to ANSI standards (KHE-CL) as well as a complete range of flange valves in short pattern design were considered during the product development. Also the Ballostar KHE ball valve offers modular selectable system components (operating stem and sealing elements). A construction kit that has already successfully proved itself at the Ballostar KHA valve. Thus the split body KHE valves is prepared for a wide range of operating conditions.


Ball Valve Klinger Ballostar® KHI - DOWNLOAD
Ball Valve Klinger Ballostar® KHE - DOWNLOAD
Ball Valve Klinger Ballostar® KHA - DOWNLOAD
Ball Valve Klinger Monolith® KHO - DOWNLOAD
Ball Valve Klinger Monoball® KHM - DOWNLOAD


    2-piece ball valve
    Floating ball
    Soft-sealing element flange sided
    Hard-sealing ring body sided
    Secondary body sealing
    Labyrinth stuffing box
    Metal seat for abrasive media
    Operating stem sealed by O-rings
    Operating stem extension
    Oxygen version (oil- and grease-free)
    Gas version