Klinger Piston Valves

Klinger Piston Valves
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Klinger Piston Valves are manufactured for better industrial performance by minimizing maintenance and saving production costs. Klinger has been at the forefront of piston valve technology since 1922. Featuring a variety of different types of flanges, threads, sockets and standards according to DIN and ANSI, piston valves complements the various types of Klinger valve production.
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Klinger Piston Valve is manufactured according to DIN and ANSI standards. As we all know Klinger is a leading piston valve manufacturer. The advantages of this valve are excellent control characteristics, easy maintenance and can be revised without needing to be removed from the piping system.

Klinger piston valve is characterized by a sealing system and a ring that ensures tightness. Thus it can prevent contamination of the surrounding environment. The piston valve sealing element is formed by a stainless steel piston, which is closed by two rings. In this configuration, the upper valve ring ensures tightness to the air, while the lower ring provides a sealing in the bore. The large surface of the ring leads to optimal sealing. To facilitate movement during high pressure, the pistons in the KVN VIII series, DN 65 to 200, are manufactured with a pressure balance design. When closing the valve, the piston pushes possible contaminants in the medium away from the inside of the valve ring. As a result, even contaminated media can be sealed tightly, preventing damage to the surface.

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Klinger Piston Valve KVN-VIII Steel - DOWNLOAD
Klinger Piston Valve KVN-III Cast Iron - DOWNLOAD
Klinger Piston Valve KVN-XC Stainless steel - DOWNLOAD
Klinger Piston Valve KVMN-III Cast Iron - DOWNLOAD
Klinger Piston Valve KVMN-VIII Steel - DOWNLOAD
Klinger Piston Valve KVSN-VIII Steel - DOWNLOAD
Klinger Piston Valve KVN-ANSI Steel - DOWNLOAD


    Excellent control characteristics
    Low maintenance
    Reliably tight in the bore and to atmosphere in accordance with EN 12266-1 – leakage rate A
    Suitable for steam condensate-alternating operation as well as temperature shock operations
    Special sealing elements for highest actuation count
    No erosion on sealing surface
    Revisable without requiring removal from pipe system
    Fire Safe
    100% droplet and gas-tight shut-off
    Suitable for both shut-off and throttling
    Same valve ring for all applicable media
    Simple to service
    Can be renovated without dismantling from pipeline
    High Kv-value
    Resistant to water hammer