BERU Ignition electrode ZE 14 8 400 A1

BERU Ignition electrode ZE 14 8 400 A1
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Distributor BERU Ignition electrode ZE 14-8-400 A1, M14x1,25x8;Special ignition electrode with single electrode
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Distributor BERU Ignition electrode ZE 14 8 400 A1

Beru Special Ignition Electrodes
Special ignition electrode with single electrodes also suitable for special applications such as
level and temperature monitoring, flame rod and ionisation rod.

ru Special Ignition Electrodes
Due to decades of experience in vehicle and heating ignition systems, Beru has become the leader in the industry and is continually improving ignition electrodes. One example of this continuing improvement is the ceramic body, specially developed to provide fracture stability and dielectric strength. Other examples are the gas-sealed electrode and the 2-part center electrode, which is reinforced through glass sealing and has a particularly high mechanical strength. Another improvement is the elongation and distortion resistance of the center electrodes in the ceramic body.

Terminal Type              
M4 thread
Electrode Material      
Kanthal A1NiCR 8020, X10CrNi 188, X12CrNi 188, Ø 3,5 mm
Isolator                       Aluminium oxide AL2 03 > 95 % C 795

Thread Size                
M14 × 1,25
5/16" (8 mm)
Hex Size                     1" (26 mm)
Torque                        45Nm
Length/Wire length from threaded end, 400 mm




BERU Ignition electrode ZE 14-8-400 A1