RMG TERZ 94 turbine meter

RMG TERZ 94 turbine meter
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PT Indotama Niaga Teknik as distributor RMG offer product from brand RMG that is RMG TERZ 94/94s turbine meter, to meet the need industrial and manufacture
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Flow Meter Measurement

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Distributor RMG TERZ 94 turbine meter

RMG TERZ 94 94-S turbine meter

The TERZ 94 / 94-S turbine meter complements the RMG TRZ 03, TRZ 03-L and TRZ 03 K turbine meters (see RMG Publication Nos. 3.161-E and 3.171-E). The TERZ 94 / 94-S directly measures the flow rate at measurement conditions and integrates the measured values, so that, as a result, the gas volume which flowed through the meter is registered by an electronic totalizing unit. The gas flow drives a turbine wheel whose speed is recorded through non-contact measurement by a sensor. Therefore, the meter is characterized by long-term stability and low wear. The TERZ 94 / 94-S is provided with HF and LF outputs which allow the device to be used as a flow transducer for control applications and remote transmission. 

The two variants TERZ 94 and TERZ 94-S differ in the following features:


 Battery operation

 Electronic suppression of the slow-down effect of the turbine wheel after flow stop by external shut-down of the totalizer


 External power supply

 4-20 mA current output for outputting the flow rate

Electrical connections

The LF and HF volume pulses and the alarm output are led out of the meter head by a 7-pin connector (Binder). All other connections have to be made at the terminals on the board. 


RMG TERZ 94 94-S turbine meter


 For secondary applications 
 With electronic totalizing unit 
 Flow display 
 Display of maximum flow values 
 Alarm output 
 Detachable meter head (for use as a remote totalizer) 
 Digital transmission of meter readings