RMG Flow Meter TME 400 Series

Distributor flow meter surabaya - Jual flow meter surabaya - RMG TME 400 is a new generation electronic turbine flow meter from RMG which has integrated electronic counter. Besides being able to display and counter readings, the TME 400 can also assess current flow.
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Distributor RMG Flow Meter TME 400 Series

The new generation of TME 400 meters (Turbine Meter Electronic) are turbine meters with an integrated electronic totalizer. In contrast to widely used mechanical turbines, the TME 400 directly processes theelectrical pulses from the sensor monitoring the turbine wheel in the electronic meter head. In this way, the TME 400 can not onlydisplay and save the totalizer reading,but also, for example, the current flowrate. In addition, several totalizers can be realized and the meter cantransmit its measured values as well as additional signals directly via variousinterfaces (pulses, analog, digital). Furthermore, the TME 400-VC offers a volume corrector integrated in the head, including pressure and temperature measurement. In addition to operating flow and operating volume, it also calculates the standard volume. An external volume corrector is no longer required.With all TME 400 versions, a longlasting backup battery ensures reliability even in case of a complete power failure.


    Flowmeter RMG type Electronic Turbin Gas Meter TME 400 -  
    Flowmeter RMG type Electronic Turbin Gas Meter TME 400 VC -  
    Flowmeter RMG type Electronic Turbin Gas Meter TME 400 VM -  
    Flowmeter RMG type Electronic Turbin Gas Meter TME 400 VCF -  
    Flowmeter RMG type Electronic Turbin Gas Meter TME 400 VMF -  


    Low-torque metering system with long-term stability
    Battery or mains operation with lithium cell for > 6 years
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    Serial RS 485 interface for Modbus connection
    Pulse output HF and LF (variable), alarm output, current output (4-20 mA, optional)
    Integrated fail-safe parameter, event and measured value archive
    Provided software for convenient parameterization and management of the device and the stored data
    Integrated fully-fledged compact volume corrector including digital pressure and temperature measurement
    Calculation according to SGERG88, AGA8 GROSS M1 and M2 as well as AGA8 NX19.
    Operating volume, standard volume, current and maximum flow can be displayed
    Inputs for pulses, pressure and temperature can be sealed separately from the rest. The lithium battery can be exchanged without opening the case