Powell Gate Valve

Powell Gate Valve
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Powell Gate Valve. The Powell gate valve features two distinct shapes, parallel and wedge shape. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a trusted gate valve distributor in Indonesia offers products from Powell Valves brand. We have stock products of Powell gate valve with various types.
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Powell Valves

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Gate Valve

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Distributor Powell Gate Valve

Powell Valves as a large valve manufacturer in America produces gate valves for industrial needs in various materials such as bronze, iron, stainless steel and cast steel. Gate Valve Powell has a difference with other brands. Where has a high pressure gate valve in two different forms, parallel and disc shape (wedge). The gate valve parallel form is used to control water pressure. Meanwhile, the shape of the disc shape (wedge) is used to block tightly or flow liquids or gases in pipelines. This second form is most often used by industries for a wide range of applications from oil & gas to pulp & paper. 

As we know, the gate valve is designed to close & open the flow of liquid by lifting or lowering the disc which is rectangular or round in shape. We have Powell gate valve products with a wide selection of the types of mechanisms and materials used. The choice of type is cast iron gate valve, API 600 cast steel gate valve, API 602 forged steel gate valve, API 603 corrosion resistant gate valve, API 600 pressure seal gate valve, stainless steel cryogenic gate valve. For the specifications of each type or model, see the download link.

We are a leading valve distributor in Surabaya that sells Powell gate valves. We have complete stock with guaranteed original goods from the Powell brand. Every purchase of a product at our company, we will check the condition of the goods before the delivery process. In addition to Powell's gate valves, we also have gate valves from other brands that are no less good and have their respective advantages.


¼" to 4" Clip Gate Valve Class 150 (Threaded Bonnet) - DOWNLOAD
2" to 24" Gate Valve (Non-Rising Stem) Class 125 - DOWNLOAD
2" to 24" Gate Valve (Rising Stem) Class 125 - 250 - DOWNLOAD
1" to 42" Gate Valve Class 150 - 1500 - DOWNLOAD
¼" to 2" Gate Valve Class 150 - 2680 - DOWNLOAD
¼" to 2" Gate Valve Class 200 (Threaded / Socket Weld End) - DOWNLOAD
¼" to 2" Gate Valve Class 200 - 600 (Threaded / Socket Weld End) - DOWNLOAD<
½" to 24" Gate Valve Class 150 - 600 - DOWNLOAD
2" to 24" Gate Valve (Flex Wedge) Class 600 - 2500 - DOWNLOAD
2" to 24" Gate Valve (Parallel Seat) Class 600 - 2500 - DOWNLOAD
¼" to 2" Gate Valve Class 200 - 600 - DOWNLOAD
½" to 6" Gate Valve Class 150 - 600 - DOWNLOAD
8" to 12" Gate Valve Class 150 - 300 - DOWNLOAD


    Bolted or Welded Bonnet, Pressure Seal Bonnet
    Flanged, Threaded or Socket Weld Ends
    Materials: Cast carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy steel
    Cast Stainless Steel & Corrosion Resistant Alloys
    Available in all trim configurations
    Other sizes available on request
    Full Port option available for classes 150 - 1500