Pennant Thermodynamic Steam Traps PT 13

As distributor pennant steam traps in indonesia. PT Indotama Niaga Teknik Offer Product from brand pennant namely Pennant thermodynamic steamtrap PT 13. To meet the need industrial and manufacture
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Distributor Pennant Thermodynamic Steam Traps PT 13

Pennant Thermodynamic Steam Traps PT 13


Thermodynamic steam trap in alloy steel construction with full stainless steel internals. Best suited for medium/high pressure line drains, with low to medium condensate load

Limiting Condition

  • PMA : 925 psig
  • TMA : 950  °F 
  • Maximum operating back pressure at the outlet should not exceed 80% of the inlet pressure
  • Min Pressure : 21 psi
  • Cold hydro test pressure : 1400 psig


  • Body : ASTM A217 Gr. WC6 
  • Cover : ASTM A217 Gr. WC6 
  • Strainer Cap : ASTM A217 Gr. WC6 
  • Disc Seat : ASTM A681 Gr. D2 
  • Disc : ASTM A681 Gr. D2 


End Connection : Socket Weld

Nominal Diameter : DN 15, DN 20


Pennant Thermodynamic Steam Traps PT 13


  Complete stainless steel internals ensure   better mechanical & corrosion resistance properties.l  Condensate  entry  below  the  dis  c,  concentric  to  the disc/seat ensures a clean & parallel lift of the dis  c with ref   erence to the seat, eliminating localis ed wear & tear.l  The dis  c & seat are fully hardened by a special hardening process, to withstand continuous, prolonged operation.l  Perfect shut off, no steam loss.l  Robust, maintenance free, fully guaranteed