KRAL Flow Meters

KRAL Flow Meters
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Distributor flow meter surabaya - Jual flow meter surabaya - KRAL flow meter is a leading flow meter which is manufactured with high quality. The advantages of using the KRAL flow meter are accurate measurement, easy maintenance, high durability, and long-term operation. We have stocks product of KRAL Flow Meters with the following types.
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Flow Meter Measurement

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Distributor KRAL Flow Meters

All KRAL flowmeters are distinguished by their industry-leading combination of highest precision and robustness. Because of their comparatively low maintenance costs and long lifespan, the investment in a KRAL flowmeter is a long-term, economically wise choice.With a broad selection of models and designs, we provide diverse solutions based on customer demands and optimized for the respective application. More information can be found in the detailed descriptions of the individual series in this brochure. We are also happy to provide personal consultation.


Flow Meter KRAL type OMG -  
Flow Meter KRAL type OMP -   
Flow Meter KRAL type OME -  
Flow Meter KRAL type OMH -  


   Universally applicable
    High precision
    Extremely robust and long lifespan
    Stabilization zones unnecessary
    Very smooth-running and fast
    Low friction and minimal loss of pressure
    Easy installation
    Affordable solution for harsh industrial conditions
    3-in-1-solution: Flow measurement, flow direction detection, temperature measurement
    Aluminum housing
    Very rigid spheroidal graphite iron housing
    Compact size, light weight