Fanal Pressure switch FF 4 8 DAH

As Distributor pressure switch in indonesia. PT Indotama Niaga Teknik offer product from brand fanal ,that is Fanal Pressure switch FF 4-8 DAH, to meet the need industrial and manufacture in indonesia
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Pressure Measurement

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Distributor Fanal Pressure switch FF 4 8 DAH

Fanal Pressure switch FF 4 8 DAH

An adjustable lever mechanism and springs on a cascade switch are used to control the monitored medium's pressure at port pressure, depending on the pressure range. flutter-free switching is ensured by this method. It doesn't matter where the switches are positioned because they're still going to work.Kontakte 1 and 2 are shut off if there's no pressure on them. Pumps and compressors may be turned on or off.Contact 1-2 opens and contact 1-4 shuts if the upper switching point is reached. Pumps and compressors will be turned off to save energy.It is only after the membrane pressure has decreased to the predetermined lower switching threshold that contact 1-2 will be reactivated. With a screwdriver, the upper and lower switching points can be individually modified.


Part number 1010062
Upper switchpoint

0,22 .... 4 bar

Lower switchpoint 0,07 .... 3,75 bar

Smallest difference lower

upper / lower end of range

0,15 / 0,25 bar
Max.operating pressure 24 bar
Max. test pressure 40 bar
Standard setting

1 / 3 bar

Connector G 3/8" Silumin
weight ca. 0,5 kg
Ambient temperature range -20 .... +70°C
Perm. medium temperature 0 .... +70°C
Protection acc.too DIN 40 050/IEC 529 with rubber grommet IP 54 (Standard)
Protection acc.too DIN 40 050/IEC 529 with cable glands M20 IP 65
Rated operating current at AC1 230V 16A
Rated operating current at AC1 400V 10A
Rated operating current at AC15 230V 6A
Rated operating current at DC13 230V 0,1A
Permissible motor power 1  230V 0,55 kW


Fanal Pressure switch FF 4 8 DAH