Duyar Safety Valve

Duyar Safety Valve
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Duyar Safety Valve. Indotama Niaga Teknik, as a trusted safety valve distributor in Indonesia offers products from Duyar brand. This product can meet the needs of industry and manufacturing.
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Safety Valve

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Distributor Duyar Safety Valve

Safety Valve is a valve that will work when there is an overpressure. Usually operated with applications Gas, pressure air, steam boiler. We have stocks product of Safety Valve Duyar with various types.


    Duyar Safety Valve  T-1530 Ductile Iron
    Duyar Safety Valve  T-1510 Cast Iron
    Duyar Safety Valve  T-1515 Ductile Iron 


    Design  : TS EN ISO 4126
    Flange Dimensions : TS EN 1092-2 (PN 16)
    Face to Face Dimensions : TS EN 558 (Seri 8)