Duyar Globe Valve

Duyar Globe Valve
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Globe valve is a linear motion valve and is primarily designed to stop, start and regulate flow. Globe valve disks can be completely removed from the flow path or can close the flow path completely. We have stocks product of Globe Valve Duyar with the following types.
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Duyar is a major manufacturer in the world of valves and fire extinguishers. On this occasion we introduce products from Duyar to meet the needs of industry in the world. one of them, Duyar Globe valve, which has various types and materials. Globe valve is a valve designed to regulate flow. Inside a globe valve, there is a series of disks that can be opened or closed completely for flow in the installation. Duyar globe valve is widely used to control flow. usually to lower the pressure, and should also consider the valve design to prevent initial failure. valves that work to slow down pressure, must require a valve that has been specially designed. We are a leading valve distributor in Surabaya that sells globe valve Duyar. We have complete stock with guaranteed original goods from the Duyar brand. Every purchase of products at our company, we will check the condition of the goods before the delivery process. This website was created so that you can easily get information about the products we sell and easily place an order. You can also ask or consult about products that suit your industrial company. Please contact us we will be happy to serve. In addition to Duyar globe valve, we also have globe valve from other brands which are also widely used by large industries in Indonesia and even in the world. They: If you need a duyar globe valve, please contact us. Get the best price from us.


Globe Valve Duyar (PN 16) -  DOWNLOAD
    Globe Valve Duyar T-0110 Cast Iron
    Globe Valve Duyar T-0120 Ductile Iron
    Globe Valve Duyar T-0130 Cast Steel 

Globe Valve Duyar Metal Bellows Sealed (PN 40) -  DOWNLOAD
    Globe Valve Duyar T-0170 Cast Steel

Globe Valve Duyar Metal Bellows Sealed (PN 16) -  DOWNLOAD
    Globe Valve Duyar T-0160 Cast Steel


    Globe valves are extensively employed to control flow. 
    The range of flow control, pressure drop, and duty must be considered in the design of the valve to avert premature failure and to assure satisfactory service. 
    Valves subjected to high-differential pressure-throttling service require specially designed valve trim.