Duyar Ball Valve

Duyar Ball Valve
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Duyar Ball Valve can meet the needs of industry and manufacturing in Indonesia. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a trusted distributor ball valve in Indonesia offers products from Duyar brand with various types.
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Distributor Duyar Ball Valve

We have stock of Duyar Ball Valve products with many types. Duyar manufactures several types of ball valves with a wide selection of mechanisms and materials used. The ease of working principle of the ball valve makes many industries use it. It is suitable for use in a variety of heating systems, industrial water, and gas. The working principle of a ball valve is very simple by the presence of a handle or handle as the main component to control flow. The ball inside the component will flow and block the flowing liquid or gas.

This website was created so that you can easily get information about the products we sell and easily place an order. You can also ask or consult about products that suit your industrial company. If you need the latest prices for Duyar ball valve products, please contact us.


Duyar Ball Valve  Full Bore (2 PCS PN 6) T-0510 - DOWNLOAD
Duyar Ball Valve  Full Bore (2 PCS PN 16) T-0546 - DOWNLOAD
Duyar Ball Valve  Full Bore (Threaded PN 16) T-0560 - DOWNLOAD
Duyar Ball Valve  Lug (PN 16) CDY-1030 - DOWNLOAD
Duyar Ball Valve  Full Bore (3 PCS PN 16) T-0530 - DOWNLOAD
Duyar Ball Valve  Full Bore (2 PCS PN 16)
Duyar Ball Valve  Gas (3 PCS Mop 5, HVAC 20 / PN 16 / PN 25) T-0710 - DOWNLOAD


    High performance two-piece and three-piece ball valve for demanding process applications where fire-safe and fugitive emission compliance is mandatory.
    Lug type ball valves are most often used for installation in gas pressure control stations, gas filling stations and tank trucks.