Butterfly Valve Kitz

Butterfly Valve Kitz
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Indotama Niaga Teknik as trusted butterfly valve distributor in Indonesia offers a product from Kitz brand that is Butterfly Valve KIitz. Butterfly valves are designed and manufactured to perform in a broad range of applications.
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Butterfly Valve

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Distributor Butterfly Valve Kitz

A Butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotation valve, that is used to regulate flow in a piping system. Butterfly valves are fast and easy to open and a 90° rotation of the disk provides a complete isolation or fully open position of the valve. Butterfly valves main advantages is the weight and space saving over gate, globe, plug, and ball valves. The maintenance costs is reduced because there are a minimal number of moving parts.

Typical Butterfly valves applications are for the control or isolation of large flows of liquids or gases at relatively low pressures and for the handling of slurries or liquids with large amounts of suspended solids. Kitz Butterfly Valves are designed and manufactured to perform in a broad range of applications. Ductile Iron is the only body material we offer, allowing our Lug style butterfly valve to be full rated for Bi-Directional dead end service. They meet or exceed the design requirements of MSS SP-67 and API 609. Based on the handle / handle to operate, there are 2 namely Lever operated and Gear operated.

We are a leading valve distributor in Surabaya that sells Kitz butterfly valves. We have complete stock with guaranteed original goods from the Kitz brand. Every purchase of a product at our company, we will check the condition of the goods before the delivery process. Apart from the Kitz butterfly valve, we also have gate valves from other brands that are no less good and have their respective advantages.


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    Compact design saves space
    Light in weight
    Quick Operation
    Doesn't trap fluids
    Qualified for both gaseous and liquid service
    Low Maintenance costs from minimal moving parts
    Positive shut-off bi-directionally
    Phenolic backed cartridge seat
    End of line service on lug style standard
    Ease of automation