Badger Meter ModMag M5000

Badger Meter ModMag M5000
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Badger Meter ModMag M5000 is an electromagnetic flow meter developed and designed to outstanding standards and quality. This product is battery powered and easy to use. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a distributor of flow meter in Indonesia, offers the products from Badger Meter brand with various types.
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Badger Meter

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Flow Meter Measurement

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Distributor Badger Meter ModMag M5000

Badger Meter ModMag M5000

Badger Meter ModMag M5000 is an electromagnetic flow meter that uses the best technology and quality. Accuracy measurement is not affected by pressure, viscosity or density, and temperature. This product already has a standard IP67 housing (optional IP68) so it is very reliable and works well even when submerged. Apart from that, this product is very easy to use and does not require much maintenance.


  • Flow Range: 0.03 m/s -10 m/s
  • Repeatability: ± 0.1%
  • Temperature: –20° C to 60° C
  • Accuracy: 0.4%
  • Flow Direction: Bi-directional
  • Communication: RS232, Modbus RTU, IrDA, M-Bus, RS 485 (optional), External AMR or GSM/GPRS module (optional)


Badger Meter ModMag M5000 is designed for use in continuous flow. This product can accurately measure fluid flow such as the fluid is potable water and reclaimed water containing moderate amounts of solids. This product can also be used in water distribution and irrigation networks. The ModMag M500 uses the M-Bus Interface system which is supported by an external interface with Modbus. In addition, the data collected can also be picked up via radio frequency or GMS/GPRS. Then the data that has been collected is compiled and evaluated. Measurement accuracy on this product is unquestionable as it uses Verification Device without any disturbance.

Working Principle: 

This product has stainless steel material. There are two DC powered electromagnetics. Two electrodes are inserted into the flow tube perpendicular to the coil which creates magnetic field along the pipe diameter. A voltage proportional to the average flow velocity of the fluid is induced across the electrodes. Then this voltage is processed by a converter to produce an accurate digital signal. These signals are used to communicate with remote sensors and remote controllers. Besides that, there is a processor to control parameters such as zero flow stability, serial communication, output frequency and other parameters.



Badger Meter ModMagĀ® M5000


1.  Having IP67/IP68 protection class
2. Battery controlled, with battery duration as long as 20 years
3. NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and 372, OIML, MID and
AWWA C715 ensured