Badger Meter ModMag M3000

Badger Meter ModMag M3000
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Badger meter Modmag M3000 has a sophisticated design and very accurate and reliable measurement. Eloctromagnetic Flow Meter is a long -term measurement solution that requires extraordinary accuracy and reliability. Indotama Niaga Teknik as a distributor of flow meters in Indonesia, offers various types of products from the Badger Meter brand.
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Badger Meter

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Flow Meter Measurement

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Distributor Badger Meter ModMag M3000

Badger Meter ModMag M3000

Badger Meter ModMAG M3000 is equipped with an innovative and sophisticated design. This product already has the latest developments in microprocessing signal conditioning. It has an accuracy of ±0.20% with a flow range of 300:1. Badger Meter ModMAG M3000 can be applied to various oil and gas industries. The measurement accuracy is not affected by temperature, pressure, density, and changes in viscosity. This product complies with ANSI/NSF Standard 61.


  • Size: 1/4 to 24  
  • Repeatability: 0.1% of rate
  • Accuracy: ±0.20%
  • Power Supply: 85 to 240V AC | 24V DC
  • Rating: Hazardous locations
  • Ambien Temperature:  –20 to 50° C
  • Flow Range: 0.03 to 12 m/s
  • Flow Direction: Bi-directional


This product is a solution as an accurate gauge for application to various liquids, from water, viscous liquids to liquids containing moderate amounts of solids in industrial applications. The ModMAG M3000 Badger Meter is very suitable for use in applications where level indication and totality are required.


The operation of Modmag M3000 has a principle which is induced by the conductor that moves perpendicularly through the magnetic field proportional to the conductor speed. This connection is also proportional to the average flow velocity of liquid, the distance between the electrode and the product of the magnetic flux density.


Badger Meter ModMag M3000


1. Durable Performance
2. An accuracy of ±0.20% with a flow range of 300:1
3. Application Versatility
4. ATEX Certification No. FM08ATEX0051X
5. CSA Certified